Peer Programme

The peer workshops are great for helping a group of people at any one time. They are fantastic for secondary schools, as pupils with specific mental health and wellbeing needs can be supported by a qualified mental health professional. The groups can act as a useful interim if a young person is awaiting talking therapies or other mental health services. 

The school can choose for me to focus on a specific mental health and wellbeing topic based on the needs of the peer group. This can be facilitated during PSHE, so the core curriculum is not disturbed!

This will also serve as a great benefit for the school as the young people involved learn techniques to help improve their mental health. Happy pupils equal a happy school.

Peer workshops are also a great way for young people to identify that they are not alone in their thinking, which can be crucial in regards to building and maintaining good levels of self esteem. The groups can be either a mix of ages or not, its entirely up to you! 

If you would like to know more about holding a peer workshop in your school then get in touch today to tailor something that works for your school. 

They are not just limited to schools. Colleges and other higher education settings can benefit! Email today to find out more.