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Quality mental health education 

With the mental health crisis in children and young people rapidly increasing, professional mental health support has never been more vital.

Sadly, teachers are expected to take on this extra support role far too often, and with limited budget for qualified school counsellors, both young people and teaching staff are at risk of further harm to their mental wellbeing.

'Learn Happy' saims to nourish the mental health of all, from pupils, to teachers, to parents.

Learn Happy Services include:

  • Private 1:1 Counselling for Young people*.

  • Pupil workshops covering a wide range of topics such as Mental Health Awarenss, Mindfulness and more.

  • Focus Groups whereby identified pupils attend a 4 week workshop on topics such as Anxiety, Managing Anger and Easing Exam Pressures.

  • Bespoke Staff CPD tailored to your learning need and timetable.

  • Parent Support Sessions, whereby common mental health concerns can be explored using psycho-educational workshops.

Don't forget to check out our 'MediaWise' programme for specialist support around safe social media education. 

*Please note: 1:1 Counselling will take place during school hours, in a safe and confidential space within the school. The school must obtain parental consent and complete an assessment form before any sessions can take place. Fees to be agreed upon on a needs basis and paid in advance.