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​​The Person Centred Approach allows for you to be at the centre of the work that we do together, and I support you to take an active role in your sessions, whilst remaining non-direct. 

Counselling offers you the chance to explore what's going on for you, in a safe and boundaried way, and to process challenging and difficult emotions.


With the mental health crisis in children and young people rapidly increasing, professional mental health support has never been more vital.

Sadly, teachers are expected to take on this extra support role far too often, and with limited budget for qualified school counsellors, both young people and teaching staff are at risk of further harm to their mental wellbeing.


Mental health education focussing on the impact that social media has on our wellbeing, particularly our younger generations.

Our whole school approach ensures that both pupils and education staff are fully trained, gaining insight into how we can protect our mental health when online, both now and in the future. 

Social Media is a thriving industry, and we want to equip our growing generations with the tools to combat the impact on our wellbeing.


Mental Health in the workplace is quickly becoming a priority for many large organisations. The well-being of the workforce can strongly determine their performance at work.

Corporate Services include:

- Private 1:1 Counselling with no waiting lists or insurance paperwork!

- Wellbeing Workshops including Mental Health Awareness and Stress Management.


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