Training and Workshops
  • Mental Health Awareness

    This workshop is perfect for those wanting to learn more about Mental Health, learning some self help and support skills along the way.


    Whether you are looking for something to use in a school setting

    or in your workplace, this course has what you need.

  • Safe Social Media

    Learn about how and why social media has a lasting impact on our mental health and wellbeing, and understand more about the dangers we face online, including cyberbulling, cancel culture and online grooming. 


    Again, whether you are looking to use this course for pupils in school, or in your organisation, it offers all the insight and tools you need to practice safe social media. 

  • Tailor-made 

    If you were looking for mental health and wellbeing training that has a more particular focus, then tailor-made is for you.


    I work with you to help create the course you had in mind, then deliver it for you. Not only that but you can takeaway the course resources for you to use time again!